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Our Kevin was funny, loving, generous and so very handsome. He had the best smile - when he laughed his eyes danced. On June 21, 2005 the shining light that was Kevin went out forever because of a careless driver. There is a hole in my heart that cannot heal, cannot be filled and will ache every minute of every day for the rest of my life.

Kevin’s memorial service was held on July 2, 2005 at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Long Beach, CA - it was the most difficult day of my life and yet, at the same time, an amazing day filled with an outpouring of love, hugs , tears and lots of stories from so many people. Some I knew - others I met there for the first time. It was just about as diverse a group as one could possibly gather, yet it was reflective of Kevin’s world and who he was. Those attending were young, old, wore suits, uniforms, jeans, and of every ethnicity - all of his friends shared one quality…..loyalty and a great heart.

It’s my intention to set up this website for those of us who miss him greatly to visit, share stories and memories that will hopefully comfort each of us.

Love and hugs to all of you,

Kev’s Mom (he called me Toots)

Tributes and Condolences
My Kevin   / Mom
It's been 12 years since "that" day that took my/our son and changed our lives forever. I think about Kevin every day. I still have nightmares about "that" day. I still, so much, miss my Kevin. He had a great sense of humor and the best smile and...  Continue >>
Why  / Ginni Meyer (Close Friend )
Why is it the good are taken to soon and the evil are left here to roam? I guess the Lord needed a good hearted strong loving angel to watch over everyone he loved and cared about especially his mom. Kev I miss you everyday before the times of free l...  Continue >>
6/20/14 - always missing you!   / Mom
It's been 9 years....but, in so many ways, the loss gets greater every year.  I've never stopped missing your laugh or getting a hug from  you.  Would you be married?  Have children?  You would have been a great father....I j...  Continue >>
Thinking of Kevin   / Diane Sheets (Close friend )
I've been thinking of Kevin especially the last few days. What an impact he made in my life and the lives of others. He looked into hearts rather than age, background, or nationality. He was so sincere, honest, fun, and loved sunsets, people, anim...  Continue >>
4/28/14 - Miss my Kevin every day   / Mom (Mom)
The most painful tears are not the ones that fall from your eyes and cover your face. It's the ones that fall from your heart and cover your soul." Author unknown
3/24/14 - Blue  / Mom     Read >>
1/24/14 Tears  / Mom     Read >>
6/8/13 Thoughts and remembering  / Mom     Read >>
Kev and Grandma  / Irene (Mom)    Read >>
2/11/13 Happy Birthday  / Mom     Read >>
Kevin's dog, Notch  / Irene (Mom)    Read >>
God be with you 'til we meet again  / Diane Sheets (close friend )    Read >>
Tears / Irene (Mom)    Read >>
6/21/11 / Toots (Mom)    Read >>
5/3/2011 / Mom     Read >>
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